D.W. from Bonita Springs, Florida:
Q:  When you first started doing your Seasoned Romance eColumn at, there was a photo of both
of you on your page. Then in a year or two, you suddenly started using a stylized sketch instead of a photo. Why?

Let me be the first to take a crack at that one. The drawing let me have a full head of hair...what better reason than
that? Besides, the drawing didn't have wrinkles, kind of like the gold figures we use on We could
look 55 forever!

    Actually, there was a reason, kind of selfish, for changing. Jeoffrey and I have worked a
    lifetime internationally with some very well-known people as researchers and writers,
    exclusively behind the scenes and in relative, preferred obscurity. On purpose!

    We aren't shy or cloying, but we've always believed in putting the work first.

    Suddenly, after talked us into using a photo on the original eColumns,
    people started recognizing us in airports, restaurants and other places.

    This began happening not only in the United States, but in Europe, Asia and everywhere has a following.

People weren't rude or anything, far from it, but previously we never had to worry about how we looked when we
went out or traveled. It was a bit disconcerting. It was no big thing, perhaps, and certainly not like what movie or
rock stars get accustomed to. But it still happened.

That might be fine for some people who like the attention and thrive on it, but Jeoffrey and I are pretty private
people. We've spent our lifetime together out of the spotlight, and we prefer it.

    More recently, gave us a new logo that just used our names with
    linked hearts. We like that even better.

    That's also one of the reasons why we didn't use photos of us as editors or of the
    people whose stories we featured in the Seasoned Romance book series. Most of
    them are even less desirous of attention than we are.

    Maybe it's a lack of ego, but we are glad that we've been able to stay out of the
    limelight and let the focus be on what we want to share with our readers and website

Name Withheld, from Nashville, Tennessee:
For now, at least, I'd rather that you not use my name. I've been a part of the music industry for years. Enough said
about that. This note is about you. Since reading
Seasoned Romance and discovering your website, I've learned
more about passionate lovemaking and real romance than anytime in my entire life. I don't say that lightly.

    Most of my life, especially after starting to have hits, there was
    never a lack of willing women to bed, even as I started getting a
    little older. It was definitely the "Wham! Bam! Thank you, Ma'am!
    Where do you want me to sign my autograph?" type of sex. There's a
    special level of arrogance that develops with the whirlwind showbiz
    lifestyle, especially when it's coupled with other destructive habits.
    Even after I started settling down with the woman who is now my
    wife, I'm afraid that I was just as self-centered in the sack with her as
    I was through all the years of the never-ending string of pretty

    Things have changed so much in the past two years. I was pretty
    stuck on myself most of my life, but I didn't really like me, down
    inside. I kept thinking, "Someday everyone's gonna finally realize
    much of an empty shell I really am." I appreciate all you've done for
    me. My wife is enjoying the new man I'm becoming. And our love life,
    based on a level of trust I've never known before, is everything I
    always wanted it to be. Thank you for caring enough to put together
    the book and site for slow learners like me.

Jeoffrey and Renée:
Wow! We've became fans years ago when we attended one of your sold-out concerts during your first European
tour, and we have been big fans since then. Thank you for the wonderful and encouraging note. We wish you
continued showbiz success and a life filled with true romance for you and your wife.

L. O. from Tampa, Florida:
I am a 79 year old man. I'm dating a young woman of 68. I just want to thank you for Seasoned Romance, Book 1. I
don't think I would have considered or chanced a relationship with her if I hadn't picked up the book at the senior
center library and began reading it. I've since ordered my own copy. Chapters like the one on Franco (9) have
given me new hope. I'm very grateful. So is my girlfriend. We're getting married in a month!

Jeoffrey and Renée:
Congratulations to you and your girlfriend. May you enjoy many, many years of happiness and pleasure together!
And Franco sends his appreciation for your kind comments, along with best wishes to you and your bride for
lifetime of torrid romance!

J.H. from Allentown, Pennsylvania:
I'm a great-great-grandmother, and I want to thank you for helping me to see that what I was feeling was totally
normal. I have been told by everyone, it seems, that when I reached seventy, I was crazy to think that I’d still have
such intense feeling about intimacy. My husband bought into that it’s-all-over idea for awhile, but I’ve done some
of the things you explained in some of the early Seasoned Romance columns on, and he liked
the results good enough that he began reading them, too, even going back through the archives. Then we read
Seasoned Romance, Book One. Wow! Our life is so much better today than it was a couple of years ago. The only
thing that has changed is our attitude toward romance. And what a difference it has made!

Jeoffrey and Renée:
The two of you changed your attitude. We can't claim the credit for that. Your kind comments humble us, and we
thank you for sharing such a wonderful story.

B.M. from Pittsburgh, PA:
I ordered Seasoned Romance and am reading it for the third time. I cannot tell you how liberating it has been. I
grew up in a family and time where you couldn't even use the word `pregnant.' Every time anything about sex was
brought up, it was always dismissed as shameful or dirty, even though I could hear through the paper-thin walls
that my parents, both of them from what I could tell, certainly seemed to enjoy doing it several times a week.

I can't tell you how many times as a young person I wondered what was wrong with me because I was so interested
in whatever "it" was. The story of Hal in Chapter 4 of Book One was my story. And my marriage was exactly what he
experienced with his first wife. I tried everything with my wife. Books. Counseling. Roses. Candy. Vacations.
Massages. I even bought a porno video once (not a good idea with a wife who won't even undress with any lights
on and can't bare to deviate in any way from the missionary position!).

I cannot tell you how frustrating it has been. I wish I could say that everything has changed for me, but what has
changed is that your book has allowed me to begin thinking of ways to overcome the frustration I've felt all these

When I first begin reading it, I almost threw it away because of how extremely open and candid the people were.
Good golly, Miss Molly! By the time I got halfway through the first chapter, however, I actually stopped and cried
for awhile, wondering what it would be like to be that open. By the time I finished Hal's chapter, I felt so
empowered, like a fresh wind had come through the window. For the first time, I'm truly hopeful that things can

Two nights ago, I came in late from walking, and my wife was actually reading the first chapter. I was so shocked
that I didn't even mention it for fear that she'd slam it closed and not continue reading it. Yesterday morning she
asked me about the book, and for the first time in our married life, I talked about how much I loved her and wanted
to be able to share everything with her, including my feelings and desires. For the first time in ages, we talked
about love, why we were still married when so many of our friends have split apart, and much more. I didn't even
bring up the subject of sex.

Then she started crying. When she could finally talk, she told me how she had always felt so shy and inadequate.
She said that she was always afraid that if she ever acted happy or expressed satisfaction during sex, that I would
think she was shameful or sinful. Why? Who knows?

I don't know where this is leading. I do know that we held each other, without talking, for a long time. I was afraid
to do anything more for fear that she would think I was pushing her, just because we talked.

I do know that she has continued to read your book. We even talked about the Hal chapter. And we've done more
hugging and a little crying together, too.

I wanted to thank you for the hope that I'm feeling for the first time in a long time...not just that our sex life will get
better, but that we can experience the passion and trust and openness that the people in your book talk about.

Oh, one more thing...I'm 88 and my wife is 85!

Jeoffrey and Renée:
Whenever we wonder if we should have been so real with the stories in Seasoned Romance, letters and emails
like this remind us, more than ever, that we made the right decision.

J. J. from Tokyo, Japan:
I'm an Australian living now in Japan with my second wife, who is Japanese. I'm 64. She is 54. We met three years
ago when I was here on business. I had lost my first wife a year before.

After being in this marriage for over two years, I find that I'm in a similar situation as before. I have trouble talking
about sexual things. Unfortunately both of my wives seemed to have the same challenge.

In my first marriage, both my wife and I came from an era and families where you just never talked about sexual
things. Sure, there were guys who made jokes and bragged about it, but a lot of it was misinformation.

So we did what came naturally. We had a family. We stayed busy. Sex wasn't extremely satisfying, but neither of us
really seemed to be able to talk it through.

    Reading your book, Seasoned Romance, was embarrassing at first. I've always been a
    very private person, and the interviews are awfully candid. I definitely didn't want my
    wife to catch me reading it, afraid she would think I was reading some smutty tell-all.

    What I didn't know is that one of her good friends had loaned her a copy of Seasoned
    Romance a week or so before I got mine. Neither of us knew the other was reading it
    until she started talking about one of the interviews (Loren & Sophie).

    After we "confessed" to each other about reading the same book, we had a good
    laugh. It sort of cleared the air. It's only been a few days, but we've been talking more
    about what each of us likes and wants.

    We've tried a few things from Chapter 9. It really seems brazen, but the walls are
    tumbling down. We're talking more about what each of us likes. I'm really enjoying
    how good it feels to be more open with my feelings with my wife. And it feels great at
    64 to think that we're looking forward to lots of warm romantic times, both between
    the sheets and in every area of our life together.

I can't even believe I just wrote that last sentence. It shows me how far I've come in a very short time. It's like we
found a missing piece of the puzzle to our love life, and our romance is so much better than either of us could
have previously imagined.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for putting these interviews together in this book for people like my wife and
me. It's already making a difference.

Jeoffrey and Renée:
Why try to add anything to that?

We applaud those courageous men and women who are featured in the Seasoned Romance series, and we
applaud you, dear readers, for making positive changes in your life!

Y.L. from New Zealand:
I'm 80 years old. I was a mere child of 75 when I read a few Seasoned Romance articles at, and I
must admit that I did so with some distaste. I thought, "Why not just leave it alone?" And yet I had such a hope
deep inside that what you were saying was true. Then I began to understand that what I was really feeling was
something close to a panic. I had lost my wife of over 50 years five years before I discovered your writings. As
time went along, I knew I eventually wanted companionship, but I was totally overwhelmed with fear. Both my wife
and I were virgins when we got married. We were all each other ever knew, though it was very good for most of
the years until we both had health problems toward the end of her life. I wondered if I could ever dream of being
romantic again. Hell, I doubted if I could ever get up for the occasion, if you know what I mean. It was terrifying.

    Well, you wrote that one of the greatest steps toward sexual fulfillment among older
    people was to begin a wellness and fitness program. It was horrible at first. I was sore
    all the time as my creaky muscles resisted, but I soon found that I was enjoying eating
    better things and exercising. Then, as one of the most amazing things of all,  I noticed
    a lot of the old sensual feelings returning this old bloke’s body. I started getting
    morning erections again, something that hadn't happened for some time. I began
    pleasuring myself more. It was like somebody had turned on the lights.

    To make a rather long letter a bit shorter, I met a woman more than a year ago. We
    were married just over a month ago. Our honeymoon in Hawaii was spectacular. I’m a
    gentleman, so that’s all I’d better say.

    All I know is that Seasoned Romance changed my life. I’m not afraid of trying new
    things and sexual products with my lovey, and she has really gotten into it, too.
    Please let others know that it really can get better and better. I am living proof. You
    can teach old dogs new tricks!

Jeoffrey and Renée:
You're a shining star! Both of us shed a few tears over your letter.

We continue to be amazed again and again when we marvel that two old codgers like us who spent a lifetime
mostly doing research and writing for others could share a few things that would help men and women around the
world discover (and re-discover) romance. That is humbling, to say the least.

And it is also invigorating, so we have more resolve than ever to share research and stories from people just like
you who are also “living proof” that older really can be better. As part of our resolve, we want to share more
practical information about some of our sponsors and business partners concerning health products, sexual
enhancements, libidinal aids and romantic suggestions.

That's why we began, and after reading letters like yours, we aren't looking back!
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My Question...Seasoned Answers
S.E. from Atlanta, Georgia:
I read your book, Seasoned Romance, after my wife bought it. I've got to admit it's truly spiced things up in the
bedroom, but I need to ask a question: Why do you have to be so graphic, both in the book and on your website?

    Jeoffrey and Renée:
    We get this question often, often with the exact same word you used, especially
    from people who have read the book for the first time or recently discovered this
    website. It's a very fair question and one that we have discussed among ourselves
    and our staff.

    For starters, we are reporters and interviewers, so we have attempted to allow
    each person interviewed for the books to be real and to explain their experiences
    in the most meaningful ways to them. To overly censor them would defeat the
    purpose of the books.

    We have consciously avoided coarse descriptions that are demeaning to men,
    women, older people or the sex act itself. We have sought to inspire older men and
    women to the very best ideals of life, love and romance.

    The words they use and the lovemaking scenes may be too graphic for some, but the
    emails and mails have overwhelmingly shown us that men and women over 50 are
    excited about the themes and openness in Seasoned Romance and here on FirePointe.
Why so
B. E. from Pittsburgh, PA:
I've been a fan since I first saw your SEASONED ROMANCE articles on nearly a decade ago
and especially after reading your SEASONED ROMANCE books. I can't even begin to tell you what a difference
you've made in the lives of this old 79 year old geezer and his 72 year old wife. So I wanted to write you to let
you know that we love the new images that you've started linking in your MY QUESTION pages. Wow! Not only
do the photos and videos make us hot to trot, but they have shown us how to do some of the positions and
adventuresome activities that we had read about but didn't really understand how to do, especially since so
many books use these drawings that don't really anything practical. Or the other choice has been to go to
websites that are simply gross. We've been fans of yours for years, and we are even greater fans now. You
seem very good at building up us seniors and encouraging us to live full, happy lives, including being
sexually fulfilled. We appreciate it and have shared your site with so many other seniors.

    By the way, when is SEASONED ROMANCE, Book 3, coming out?

    Jeoffrey and Renée:
    Many thanks for your kind comments. We are glad that the images
    have been such a help to so many who have written and emailed,
    from men and women of all ages. We made sure that we placed a
    warning notice before anyone clicks to the pages, so that has
    undoubtedly helped from causing many negative reviews, but we
    must admit that we have been amazed at the very positive responses
    to the images. And SEASONED ROMANCE, Book 3 is scheduled for
    release in early 2016...thank you for your interest.

    T.D from Madrid, Spain:
    Why such a long wait between Seasoned Romance books? Will there
    be this long of a wait before Books 3 and more?

    Jeoffrey and Renée:
    It took longer than we wanted, but we hope the wait was worth it.
    People featured in two chapters of Book 2 asked, for several
    reasons related to new directions in their lives, to be in Book 3.

Therefore, we moved two stories already planned for Book 3, and featured them in Book 2. Is this starting to
sound like the old "Who's on First?" comedy routine by Abbott and Costello?

Anyway, we had to go through last-minute permissions and editing, but the results are very gratifying. And for
your question about Book 3, we don't have a definite release date yet.

We're currently interviewing and selecting the final three stories that will appear in the book that is
tentatively scheduled for release in mid-to-late 2016. We'll be sharing more about it in the near future.
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